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The Jade King and the Animals of Destiny

Written originally for the BBC Big Arts Week, this play was chosen as outstanding as one of the nine Arts activities filmed, and the only piece of dramatic theatre, from 1,400 entries. Played subsequently to highly appreciative audiences both in the UK and the US, this drama is a retelling of the myth of the origin and formation of the Chinese Zodiac. Minimum cast of M2 plus a further F(or M) 17. Cast can be increased to any number up to 36, if desired.

The Sins of the Fathers

One hundred years on from the Birling family in J B Priestly’s “An Inspector Calls”, the modern generation of the family find themselves up against the avenging forces of the past once again. A courtroom drama with the audience as the jury there are two possible endings according to the audience’s verdict of guilt or not guilty. Both with a terrifying twist at the end. M5 F4.

No Room at the Inn

A Nativity play for schools and youth groups. The Christmas story seen through the eyes of the children of Bethlehem. Large mixed cast - suitable for primary schools and their mixed age groups.

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The Queen’s Pawn

Based on the real-life murder mystery drama set in Tudor England in the early days of the reign of Elizabeth the First concerns her love affair with her Master of Horse, Lord Robert Dudley, and the suspicious death of his wife. M4 F5 published by

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