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Team Building

... through Live Theatre

Success in business is built on teamwork. There is nothing startlingly original in that statement but in order achieve it new and stimulating ways need to be sought. Whether you are building a new team from scratch or revitalizing an existing one, our way of helping you achieve this is different, fascinating, terrifying, really hard work and above all - SUCCESSFUL!

Though this be madness....

The key to all this, simply, is TRUST - complete faith in one another. Think of a trapeze artist catching another - you have to know he or she is there to catch you, he/she knows how and can be relied up to be there when you need him or her. So it is with actors. Live performance is a nerve-wracking job but impossible if you did not have faith in the ability of all others in the crew and cast.

....yet there be method in it"

We provide sets, costumes, lights, script and special effects - everything you need to make a successful play. However, it is you and your chosen team(s) who provide the director, actors and crew. Our company will provide you with all the advice and help you need but you will direct, learn, rehearse and perform the show, crew it and PERFORM it to an audience of your choosing at the end of the day. This is essential - the attendant stage-fright is part of it!! Choices of performance can be either pantomime (complete with the writing of an audience song), and performance of duet for Principal Boy and Girl and a chorus number or a murder mystery. We give you the basic script of the pantomime for you to alter as you need or wish, for the murder mystery we provide you with the first act, from which you can choose who is your victim and which is your murderer for you to write the second act and perform the whole thing again to you invited audience

We will teach you anything you need to know to make the show a success and the play demands - anything from slapstick to stage fighting.

Everyone will want to make this work for no one likes to look a fool and your team(s) will swiftly learn how to be a tight, reliable unit, ready to face anything and if you can face a critical audience you can face ANYTHING! War games and football matches are fine but this is a different way of building a team and ANYONE can join in - no one need be ruled out for any reason as can happen with many tricky physical activities that are often used for team building. Ours may be a gentler approach but it is no less of a challenge!

"... A Man might know the of this day's business..."

So, forget about playing soldiers, try a different kind of play - real drama. See the difference and reap the rewards.

If you are specifically or particularly interested in workshops on Shakespeare for any age group go to our Shakespeare page on this website.

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